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Pirelli SCORPION RALLY STR Dual Sport Tires

Pirelli SKU: 871-7153
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The new knobbly enduro on/off tyre for adventure without limits
The road and on/off touring tire for riders looking for a knobbly tire but demanding grip, safety on wet and comfort both on-road and off

A tire that combines significant rally capabilities with great street performance

  • Technological innovations provide traction on dirt, stability at high speeds, on-road handling agility and grip in all riding conditions
  • A new compound, with a high content of silica, offers increased grip on both dry and wet surfaces, stability and a superior resistance to abrasion
  • Increased width and length of the tire’s contour makes a larger contact patch for better stability
  • Blocks are longer and wider, and the longitudinal distance between each line of knobs has been reduced to increase the contact patch, without compromising off-road traction
  • Heat, generated by high speed, is distributed across a wider surface to prevent knob tearing

Tread compound

  • High-Silica Compounds
  • Wide range of operating tempuratures including wet conditions
  • Grip in all conditions, tear resistance and superior mileage


  • Trail-Road profiles and structures
  • Increased contact patch area at all lean angles
  • Excellent on-road behavior

Tread Design

  • Innovative knob layout
  • Combines on with off road capabilities with superb handling and line-holding