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Pirelli SCORPION MX 32 Mid Soft Terrain Tires

Pirelli SKU: 871-7031
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The winning tyre of MXGP World Championship
The undisputed World Championship motocross tire. Born to win on mid-soft surfaces, still outstandingly versatile to varied terrains.

Best performance from soft to medium surfaces

All NHS (Not for Highway Service) motorcycle tires are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads. Therefore there is no official homologation. 
Also available in Mini Cross  sizes and in special MUD version.
  • Effective in all use conditions: competition, training or just for fun! 
  • Excellent traction to guarantee  the maximum power transmission to the ground. 
  • Block arrangement optimised to improve braking stability and cornering grip. 
  • Front lateral knobs guarantee greater line-holding precision in corners. 
  • Performance reliability even in extreme conditions. 
  • The tread pattern and compound were developed with the contribution of the most prestigious players in motocross and supercross races.

Tread design

  • The originator of front lateral blade-shaped knobs
  • Optimised contact with the ground
  • Stability in turn-in -braking and lateral support and traction
  • Rear central and side knob layout featuring compound bridges
  • Enhanced traction and braking stability
  • Double compound layers
  • Maximum resistance to heat and dynamic stresses in race conditions
  • Performance consistency lap after lap