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Pirelli MT 43 PRO Trials Tires

Pirelli SKU: 871-7141
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Trial bikes, trail fun
Incredible durability, long-lasting performance

A tire for use on trial bikes but still suitable for road use

  • Reinforced carcass to provide stability combined with a long life
  • Specific construction capable of reducing deformation during use ensuring the maximum contact area in all road surface conditions
  • High performance on hard, dry and damp surfaces, plus excellent for indoor competition use


  • Very resistant multi-layer X-ply carcass with finely-tuned sidewall deformability
  • Maximized contact area
  • Traction over a broad range of surfaces

Tread Compound

  • Compound suitable for both dry and wet surfaces
  • Grip on a broad range of surfaces
  • Great tread resistance and durability