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KFI Plow Mount Polaris Ranger | 106345

KFI SKU: WPS-10-6345
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Installation Instructions

2.0 Glacier Adapter - SQ Tubes (106300)

KFI Glacier Adapters are designed for Full-Size Polaris Rangers with the Glacier Bumper. Mid-Size machines (unless modified) are too low to use the Glacier Adapter properly.

If this mount fits on your full size machine but you have (or are going to install) tracks, larger tires, or a lift kit, we would recommend using the alternate mount (#106165) so that it will be compatible with our push tube leveling kits.

Improper geometry can lead to a bad blade angle and/or force being applied incorrectly. The optimal height of the Glacier mounting location should be 14" from the ground. See image below for reference.

  • 100% Made in the U.S.A
  • Front-mount system
  • Plate constructed from 3/16" grade 50 steel
  • All pin tabs are constructed from 1/4" thick grade 50 steel
  • All plow tabs are tapered to help reduce hang-ups while trail riding
  • Powder-coated black for supreme durability
  • Complete installation instructions included
  • All mounting hardware included