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Hiflo Flitro Oil Filter Honda | HF111

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  • Provides unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflo filters are the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles worldwide
  • To achieve our high quality and to ensure the consistency of our products, we use only premium raw materials from well known manufacturers
  • Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory


Honda ATV
TRX400 FA Fourtrax Rancher AT 04-07
TRX400 FGA Fourtrax Rancher AT GPScape 04-07
TRX500 FA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 00-14
TRX500 FGA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape 04-08
TRX500 FPA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape with EPS 09-14
TRX650 FA Fourtrax Rincon 03-05
TRX650 FGA Fourtrax Rincon GPScape 04-05
TRX680 FA-6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L Fourtrax Rincon 06-20
TRX680 FA Fourtrax Rincon 21
TRX680 FA Fourtrax Rincon 22
TRX680 FGA-6,7,8,9,A Fourtrax Rincon GPScape 06-10

Honda Motorcycle
CB250 N,NA,T 78-82
CB250 NDX-B,NB 78-82
CB250 NB,NDX-B Super Dream 81-85
CB250 RSAMD02 80-83
CB250 RSD-C,L 82-84
CBR250 FG,FG-YA (Japan) Japan
CBR250 RH (Japan) Japan
CBR250 RJ,RK,RK-2 (Japan) Japan
CBR250 RR-L,N (Japan) Japan
CBR250 RR-R,R-2 (Japan) Japan
CM250 TB Custom 81-85
VT250 FD,FE,FG 83-87
VT250 FE,ZE,FF-YA,F2F,FJ Integra (Japan) Japan86-88
VT250 FG,FG-YA, (Japan) Japan
VT250 F2H,H,H2,J,K (Japan) Japan
VT250 FL Spada 89-90
VTR250 88-90
VTR250 PGM-Fi 09
CB350 SG,SJ 86-89
CB400 T,AT 78-79
CB400 A Hondamatic 78-83
CB400 N,NA Super Dream 78-80
CB400 NB,NC,ND 81-84
CB400 T,T1,T2 Hawk 78-81
CB400 LC (Japan) Japan
CBR400 FE,F2E,F2E-YA (Japan) Japan
CBR400 FF,F2F,F2F-YA (Japan) Japan
CBX400 F 83-86
CM400 T,A ChopperNC01 79-80
CM400 T-B,C,D ChopperNC01 81-83
CX400 EC 82-84
CB450 SG (27 PS)PC17 86-88
CB450 SG (44 PS)PC17 86-88
CB450 DXK 89-92
CB450 NFPC14 85
CM450 A,E,C Custom 82-83
CMX450 C Rebel (USA) USA86-87
CX 500 Z,A,B 78-84
CX 500 CB Custom 81-84
CX 500 EC EurosportPC06 82-84
CX 500 TC TurboPC03 82-83
GL500 Silver WingPC02 81-82
GL500 I Interstate 81-82
CBX550 FC,F2,F2CPC04 82-85
CBX550 FD,F2DPC04 81-86
CX650 C CustomRC11 83
CX650 TC-D TurboRC16 83-86
CX650 ED EurosportRC12 83-86
GL650 Silver WingRC10 83-86

Honda Side X Side
MUV700 Big Red 12-13
SXS700 M2,M2D,M4,M4D Pioneer 700 14-20
SXS700 M2,M2D,M4,M4D Pioneer 700 21-22