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Gaerne SG-12 Graham Jarvis Signature Enduro Boots

GAERNE SKU: 480-50908
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Gaerne launches the new SG.12 JARVIS EDITION to celebrate the new partnership with the kind of Hard Enduro Graham Jarvis. The top lever SG.12 mx boots is equipped with special Enduro Sole, to be effective in the most difficult passages of Extreme Enduro, while the Gaiter’s graphic celebrate the top rider!
Choices create champions, but support is what keeps them at the top, which is why the SG-12 boot is the choice for riders who aspire to rise above the competition. From box to bike with minimal break-in, Gaerne’s SG-12 boots are made in Italy by practiced hands that step-by-step layer support, security, and comfort into each boot. The premium SG-12 offers a streamlined toe box for precision control, a dual-stage pivot system for more aggressive riders, an anti-shock composite sole for better connection to the pegs, slimline inner grip guard panels for better control and grip of the bike, memory foam interior for a customized fit, and an adjustable shin plate for more room around the calves. Our buckle system makes it easy to get in and get going, so a rider can focus less on gear and more on the ride.

  • Dual-stage pivot
  • Streamlined toe box
  • Memory foam interior
  • Adjustable to approximately 22" calf circumference
  • Steel toe caps
  • Alloy buckles