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FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Slip-On Exhaust Beta 350-480 RR (2020) | 045668

FMF SKU: 79-045668
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  • All new incorporating the latest in Resonance Chamber Technology
  • Patented core shape lowers sound level while maintaining maximum power output
  • Patented canister shape increases internal volume for more sound absorbing material
  • Patented chamber design to enhance and refine exhaust pressure
  • Factory Forward Engineering centralizes mass and is less prone to crash damage
  • Tuned exhaust with optimized core specifications for each application
  • Innovative rear end cap for simple installation of tuning tip inserts or spark arrestor
  • Titanium mid-pipe for extreme light weight
- Beta
2020 - 350 RR (RE)
2020 - 390 RR (RE)
2020 - 430 RR (RE)
2020 - 480 RR (RE)