EVS SB03 Shoulder Support | SB03BK

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The key feature of our SB03 is the X-Strap, which fits over the brace and helps to keep it in place on the shoulder.
  • Similar in design to the original EVS should brace (SB02)
  • 3 different length compression straps (included) allow for a wide range of support options
  • Universal no snag design fits both left and right shoulders
  • Straps hold shoulder in place while allowing movement and range of motion
  • Measure around chest under arms


CHEST - Using a cloth measuring tape, measure around the chest, just below the arm pits. For women, measure around the bust band or upper chest circumference.

ARM - Using a cloth measuring tape, measure the circumference around the widest part of your bicep when the arm is relaxed.

For men and women, if your measurements are close to the size you want to pick, we recommend picking one size larger