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Save your standard boxers from moto-riding wear-and-tear with TUG Moto Boxer shorts. These lightweight, form-fitting, breathable compression shorts feature a super-soft elastic waistband and low-profile microfiber liner to wick away moisture. Designed to fit between you and your protective gear, the Moto Boxer helps prevent skin irritation and discomfort.
  • 4-Way Stretch – Allows for a degree of stretch in four directions for improved comfort
  • Air Mesh Perforated Fabric – Allows air to flow unimpeded while still providing abrasion and sunlight protection
  • Moisture Wicking Materials – Pulls water off the skin allowing one to stay dry and comfortable when riding
  • Anti-Chafe Layer – Designed to fit between you and your protective gear, this feature prevents safety equipment from rubbing against skin and causing discomfort
  • Low Profile Microfiber Liner – Acts as a moisture-wicking layer
  • Super Soft Elastic Waistband