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The Core Temperature Regulating (CTR) Vest helps control core body temperature in hot and humid conditions. Once saturated with water, the CTR Vest’s Cold Touch Fabric reduces fabric temperature up to 30 degrees and remains cool for the duration of an average motocross moto.
  • Cold Touch Fabric – Submerge the CTR Vest in water to activate the cold molecules, which reduces the fabric temperature up to 30 degrees
  • 4-Way Stretch – Allows for a degree of stretch in four directions for improved comfort
  • Air Mesh Perforated Fabric – Allows air to flow unimpeded while still providing abrasion and sunlight protection
  • Moisture Wicking Materials – Pulls water off the skin allowing one to stay dry and comfortable when riding
  • Anti-Chafe Layer – Designed to fit between you and your protective gear, this feature prevents safety equipment from rubbing against skin and causing discomfort
  • Race Collar Compatible – Strategically designed to fit all EVS race collars and most neck braces. Integrated loop straps ensure the collar stays in place during use