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Enduro Engineering Skidplate KTM/HUS/GAS 450 ('19-UP) | 24-1219

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Gas Gas
2021-UP MC 450F
2021-UP EX 450F
2019-UP FX 450
2019-UP FC 450
2019-UP FC 450 Rockstar Edition
2019-UP 450 SX-F
2019-UP 450 XC-F
2019-UP 450 SX-F Factory Edition


Manufactured from CNC-machined 5052H32 aluminum alloy for strength and light weight. Protects vulnerable engine cases, covers and frame rails from the elements without being bulky.

  • Vents in the wings let air flow through and mud fall out
  • Forward flap blocks front wheel roost from packing between plate and cases
  • Built-in footpeg mount coverage
  • Billet aluminum mounting hardware.
  • Most skid plate applications include holes to let you drain your oil without removing the plate
  • Strong Aluminum Construction will hold up to more than Plastic.
  • Covers vital areas of the motorcycle such as water pumps, oil filters, engine cases and Covers.
  • Has side tabs that come up to protect the Frame Rails and Footpeg mounts.
  • Vents in the wings let air flow through and mud fall out.
  • Holes in the bottom to let you drain your oil without removing the plate.
  • All installation Hardware is included. 

Extreme Skid Plate:

Enduro Engineering's Xtreme Skid Plates protect your engine in extreme rock gardens, rocky canyons, or anywhere that extreme conditions call for added protection.

  • Enlarged side wings for greater rock protection
  • Side rail frame coverage
  • Footpeg mount protection and anti-mud front flap
  • Single extra wide CNC-machined rear mount for easy installation
  • CNC-machined aluminum components with TIG welds for a precise fit.
  • Replacement hardware, P/N 802387
  • Made in USA.