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Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch KTM/Hus/Gas 65cc | RMS-7790

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Gas Gas Mc 65 2021-2022
Husqvarna TC 65 2017-2022
KTM 65 SX 2014 to 2022
KTM 65 SXS 2014 to 2015

Ever wish you could just let go of the clutch lever when stopped and not worry about a stall? Now you can with the Rekluse Core EXP centrifugal clutch. With this clutch pack replacement, you can now come to a complete stop in gear and accelerate using only throttle.


    • Prevents engine stalls
    • Clutch lever use is optional; lever feel and function are unchanged
    • Smooth power engagement increases traction
    • Cooler operating temperatures and incredibly efficient clutching provide extended clutch life
    • Allows riders to refine skills like precise throttle control, line selection, and cornering
    • Core EXP 3.0 Proprietary billet components offer superior durability
    • EXP 3.0 utilizes OEM components
    • Riding is enhanced, more fun, and less demanding so riders can conquer more terrain
    • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
    • Manual shifting of transmission still required
    • Most installations do not require modification of stock parts