Bosman Designs Front Winch Bumper Can Am X3 | BDSXS-X3003

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This bumper for the Can Am X3 was designed to stand out from the rest. The complex formed sheetmetal design compliments the body lines and style of the X3 unlike any other bumper on the market. The built in winch mount as well as beefy lower tow point means it also works as good as it looks.

It is laser cut from a combination of 1/8" and 3/16" cold roll steel. It also features a built in winch mount. The bumper was designed around the factory Can Am winch found on the RC and MR models. Other winches may fit but have not been tested.

The winch plate offers two mounting bolt patterns: 

3.00" X 6.6"

3.00" X 4.875

Winch fairlead bolt spacing is 6.00"

Made in USA