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BBR 88cc Big Bore Kit CRF/XR70 | 411-HXR-7001

BBR SKU: 80-9924
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Honda XR/CRF70 (1997-2012)

Engineered and developed by BBR. This cylinder retains skid plate mounts and includes: BBR aluminum cylinder, piston kit, and gaskets. The most reliable kit available. Runs great with stock carb or bolt on BBR's 18mm carb kit.

  • Cylinder retains skid plate mounts
  • BBR aluminum cylinder
  • 52mm piston specially designed to work with your stock cylinder head's combustion chamber
  • Gasket kit

Note: Do not use this bore kit with the OEM Honda XR/CRF50 cylinder head. The piston dome is too tall and will hit causing damage to your engine. Use BBR's bore kit intended for that cylinder head: Bore Kit - 88cc W/Cam / XR/CRF50, 00-Present