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All Balls Rear Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit '02-22 KLX110(L) & '03-06 DRZ110 | 25-1400

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Wheel Bearing Kit Rear
Kawasaki KLX110 02-22, KLX110L 10-22
Suzuki DRZ110 03-06
  • kits contains all bearings & seals required to re-fit a wheel
  • the most extensive line of kits for off-road applications
  • wheel bearings typically fail from water and dirt contamination. the all balls wheel bearing was developed in partnership with kml bearing and is designed for the difficult operating environment of the power sport industry
  • premium emq quality, hi-speed bearing featuring low drag, double lip rubber seals which provide superior exclusion of water, dirt and improved grease retention
  • type tc nitrile elastomer wheel seals are specifically designed to keep out water and dirt
  • rubber coated outside diameter creates an optimum seal at hub
  • steel garter spring guarantees constant pressure on the axle shaft over the life of the seal