MOJO-by-ELine Carbon Fiber Skid Plates

Why Mold A Carbon / Kevlar Composite Rather than Fabricated Aluminum?

A well designed skid plate protects the frame and engine cases with a hand designed (not computer) fit. A composite molded product can take the exact shape desired, cover all areas needed and look sharp. Aluminum products are fabricated from a relatively thick sheet metal plate and are welded to a shape which does not conform as well. Most plastics are computer generated and have extended panels and sharp corners. Although light, plastic skid plates are short term and will generally allow damage to occur to the lower frame upon hard impacts.

How Strong Are Composite Skid Plates?
It depends on what materials, the number of layers, and resins used. E Line uses a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and resins. Competitors will not utilize the same materials. The use of Kevlar in skid plate manufacturer is unique to E Line. There is good reason Kevlar is the material of choice in manufacture of bullet proof vests, wear resistant gloves, and high impact resistant kayaks and canoes. Kevlar disperses impact, has a longer fatigue life, and has a greater tensile strength than about any other material including aluminum. You can view our skid plate cross section to our competitors in our news section.

Will An E Line Composite Skid Plate Break?
It’s possible, but improbable and would happen long after an aluminum skid plate had dented frame tubes or reshaped an engine case. E Line’s Carbon/Kevlar skid plates will withstand many impacts with minimal cosmetic changes.

Does A Composite Skid Plate Weigh Less Than Aluminum or Plastic Skid Plate?
E Line’s skid plates typically weigh less than aluminum skid plates and more than plastics, but not a significant amount. The weight difference is small due to the multiple layers of carbon/Kevlar, and fiberglass totaling about 1/4" thick plus. Most other composite skid plates weigh less than E Line’s because they do not incorporate Kevlar, have fewer layers of composite materials and do not offer the full protection.