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WR Performance Products will keep your bike pristine and clean!

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Whether you're enduro, moto, dualsport, or just an all around off-road enthusiast, it's important to keep your machine clean and well-maintained. WR Performance Products offers a solid range of high-quality motorcycle cleaning products that will help you keep your bike looking and running like new. Let’s dive in a little more to see what we’re looking at…

Imagine if there was a nozzle that you could attach to your pressure washer that would increase the size of the nozzle by more than 3 times and also change the stream of water into a forceful blast that could strip off large chunks of debris that it hits. The Total Wash Cannon Kit not only comes with 2 canisters of solution, it includes the essential Total Wash Cannon you need to blast through mud, dirt, sand, and clay making every day washing faster and easier. You want to know what's even better? It doesn't corrode or rust any parts of your motorcycle! There are no harsh chemicals or hazardous materials used in this product so you don't have to worry about corrosion near all the metal components on your bike. The Total Wash Cannon is highly effective when paired with WR's Total Wash Cannon. Just thread on a cartridge and blast your machine! Now lets talk air filters...

You know that feeling you get when you ride your dirt bike for the first time this season and the air filter is so caked with dirt, it's barely letting any air through? And how frustrating is it to have to take the thing apart, clean it out, and wait for it to dry before you can even use your bike again? Well, if you’re like me you might just consider doing another ride on that dirty filter and say “It’ll be fine!” Thankfully, those days are over! With the F3 Fast Foam Filter Cleaner, all you need is at most 2 minutes and a few simple steps, and your air filter will be as good as new. It's very effective on both petroleum and biodegradable filters. Plus, this cleaner itself is biodegradable and safe to use, so you can breathe easy knowing that your bike is in good hands.

Probably the most interesting product from WR (to me) would have to be the Mud Defender canister. It may look like another can of SC-1 glossy spray, but this really is something else. The Mud Defender, originally designed as a repellent for concrete forms, is a formula that works just as great on mud, clay, and anything else you pick up on the trail! This means that you don’t have to get sketched out about the mud puddle or tacky wet dirt, you can go ahead and get dirty! Mud Defender makes surfaces look brand new and reduces the sticking and clean-up of mud. An absolute must have for the enduro enthusiast!

To wrap this up, WR Performance Products are essential for taking care of your machine so you can enjoy riding all year round. These cleaning supplies will help keep things running smoothly, and looking good on top of that. Look out for any future content such as videos and reviews coming up about these products as well!

Which product sounds most interesting to you? Got any questions? Comment below!

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