WEEK 8 – ZRT Week 2021 GasGas EX350F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway


WEEK 8 – ZRT Week 2021 GasGas EX350F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway


WEEK 8 – ZRT Week 2021 GasGas EX350F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway

12 weeks of product giveaways leading up to the Grand Prize Drawing of a brand new loaded 2021 GasGas EX350F!

Week 8 gives you the opportunity to win more prizes, so enter now!  Your entry gives you a chance to win a brand new GasGas EX350F or a £810.99 Leatt shopping spree, plus one of 12 different weekly prizes. This week’s winner gets a Throttle Tube Setup from this week’s prize sponsor – Zero Resistance Throttle Tube, or ZRT.

ZRT recognized how clunky the stock throttle is on every dirt bike.  A plastic sleeve sliding over the handlebar surface constantly creates friction, which wears out the parts involved.  Once this happens, you’re replacing your throttle tube assembly, and possibly your handlebars as well.  Enter the Zero Resistance Throttle Tube.  Its unique ball bearing design gives you the smoothest, easiest to turn throttle available on the planet.  That means you don’t have to replace your throttle EVER again.  It also means less rider fatigue and arm pump.  This product is a no brainer!

ZRT also produces handlebar end cap guards to extend the life of your bars and absorb abuse during crashes.  In addition, they have some trick anodized aluminum shock preload nuts for KTM and Husky.  Available in orange, black, and blue colors, you can get rid of that weak plastic one you get from the factory and install a more durable and much better-looking piece.

This week’s winner will receive a Zero Resistance Throttle Kit for their bike.

ZRT Throttle (up to £183.99) – Just provide the year, make and model of your dirt bike, and specify whether or not you have bark busters or not (Moto setup).   Once you receive your ZRT throttle tube kit, follow their simple installation instructions and your throttle will function like butter for the rest of your life.  It’s that easy!

If a smooth throttle from today until the end of time sounds good to you, you need a ZRT kit! Enter to win one in our week 8 drawing TODAY and receive a special gift as a thank you just for signing up to win.  Good luck and as always, GET YOUR MOJO ON!

By Derek Blais
Derek Blais, Giveaway, ZRT

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