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WEEK 7 – Fasst Company Week 2021 GasGas EX350F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway

Derek Blais Fasst Company Giveaway

12 weeks of product giveaways leading up to the Grand Prize Drawing of a brand new loaded 2021 GasGas EX350F!

NOW is the perfect time to sign up for our week 7 product giveaway!  Your entry gives you a chance to win a brand new GasGas EX350F or a £844.99 Leatt shopping spree, plus one of 12 different weekly prizes. This week’s winner gets a their choice of any Fasst Company product valued up to £337.99. If you've been thinking about picking up a set of Flexx Bars, this is the week for you!

Fasst Company specializes in making products that minimize vibration and protect the rider.  From flexible handlebars and foot pegs to simple yet durable hand guards, Fasst Company products will keep you riding longer and reduce hand and foot fatigue.

This week’s winner gets their choice of any Fasst Company product they want [Up To £337.99]:

Fasst Company Flexx Handlebar (£337.99) – The Flexx Handlebar from Fasst Company is their flagship product.  Available in many different bends, Flexx bars do just that – flex.  A hinge design with polymer bushings absorbs almost all of the shock that would otherwise go straight into your hands.  You get less fatigue, vibration, and arm pump.  Different elastomers are available for a stiffer or a softer feel & are further tunable by a quick adjustment of the elastomer nut.  Our General Manager Nathan swears by these bars, which reduce his level of pain and stiffness in a previously injured wrist.

Fasst Company Simple Solution Hand Guard (£113.99) – Protect your hands from brush, branches, trees, and rocks with Fasst Company’s Simple Solution Hand Guards.  Incredibly durable and simple to install, your hands will thank you!  Hand guard shields available in Red, Orange, Blue, White, and Black.

Fasst Company BRP OR Straight Cut Handguard Mount (£41.99-74.99) – Mounting Hand Guards to Flexx Handlebars is slightly different than standard bars, for some applications you may need a little hardware.  Use the Straight Cut mounts for G2, MSR, Moose, and Enduro Engineering hand guards.  Use the BRP mount for Cycra Pro Bend hand guards.  Choose the mounts you need and you’re all set!

Fasst Company Rear Brake Return Spring Kit (£16.99) - A small but very functional addition to any machine. No more broken return springs, plus the pedal resistance can be adjusted by how much preload is placed on the spring. The Return Spring Kit also minimizes debris from jamming the master cylinder as well as eliminating the stock tension return spring that attaches to the pedal.


Week 7 is the time for you to score some Fasst Company parts! Enter to win TODAY and receive a special gift as a thank you for signing up.  Good luck and as always, GET YOUR MOJO ON!



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