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WEEK 7 - DDC & TM Designworks | MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway, 2020 KTM 450 XC-F

DDC Derek Blais Giveaway TM Designworks

By: Derek Blais | November 10th, 2020


Our sponsor partners for week 7 are DDC (Delaney Drive Components) and TM Designworks.  The winners of this week’s drawing will receive a DDC chain and sprocket kit worth up to £193.99 OR a TM Designworks Slide-N-Guide kit valued up to £164.99.



If you’ve never tried a DDC sprocket, do yourself a favor and pick one up.  They are the lightest, best-looking, and most durable sprocket available anywhere.  100% made in the U.S.A. from chromoly steel, DDC sprockets fit virtually any bike and outlast all others.  A DDC kit including front and rear sprockets, RK chain, and sprocket bolts will easily last any off-road racer a full season, while weekend trail riders have been known to run them for years.


TM Designworks

TMD specializes in products that protect your bike over the long haul.  Their composite plastic products are extremely tough and look great as well. Some of their most popular products are slide 'n guide kits, skid plates, brake disc guards, chain guides, chain slides, and front sprocket case savers.  The TM Designworks Slide-N-Guide kit includes a chain slide that protects your entire swingarm from the chain and a chain guide that’s much stronger than stock and many times more durable.  If your chain is tearing up your bike, you probably need to pick up one of these kits.


If the drive system on your dirt bike needs some upgrades, DDC and TM Designworks have you covered.  Make sure to enter the week 7 drawing to be entered for the product giveaway, or order your own DDC and TMD products at MojoMotoSport.com today!



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