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WEEK 6 - IRC Tire | MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway, 2020 KTM 450 XC-F

Derek Blais Giveaway IRC

By: Derek Blais | November 4th, 2020

WEEK 6 | We’re pleased to partner with IRC Tire.  This week’s winner will receive one set (front and rear) of IRC Tires AND a set of heavy duty tubes to go with them.

The Inoue Rubber Company, or IRC, is a Japanese company specializing in the manufacture of high quality and performance tires for motorcycles, bicycles, and wheelchairs.  The company was founded in 1926, and entered the motorcycle tire market in 1952.  They currently manufacture tires for street, dual sport, extreme (hard) enduro, trials, and off-road motorcycles.

The current lineup of off-road tires offered by IRC meets the needs of every rider:

IRC’s M5B EVO rear is dialed in for mud, sand, and soft terrain.  This is also the preferred tire combination for athletes competing in motoclimb events, especially on the West Coast.

The iX-07S front and rear combo is ideal for soft to intermediate terrain, and the iX-09W is the right choice for intermediate terrain.

The oldest tire in the off-road lineup is the venerable Volcanduro VE-35F front and VE-33 rear.  This tire is a great all-around performer for both traction and wear, and is a long-time favorite for those of us here at Mojo.

With the gaining popularity of extreme or hard enduros around the world, IRC developed their special soft and gummy Gekkota compound.  Tires featuring the VE-33S and iX-09 tread patterns are available for your extreme traction needs.

Off-road tires that perform in any situation are IRC’s business, so be sure to enter the week 6 drawing to score your set of IRC Tires with heavy duty tubes or pick up a set of IRC Tires for your dirt bike at MojoMotoSport.com!

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