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WEEK 15 – 2020 KTM 450 XC-F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway

Derek Blais Giveaway

By: Derek Blais | January 6th, 2021


Okay folks, this is the week we’ve all been waiting for!  January 2-8th 2021 is the final week to enter! We’re giving away to one Grand Prize Winner a BRAND NEW 2020 KTM 450 XC-F!  And as if that wasn’t cool enough, this bike is completely decked out with all the best parts and accessories from our sponsor partners. Here’s everything that you win:

  • 2020 KTM 450 XC-F - KTM’s most potent woods weapon has features off-road racers want, like a rear 18-inch wheel, 2.25 gallon fuel tank, cross-country tuned suspension, hydraulic clutch, and a 5-speed transmission.  The dry weight of this missile is only 223 pounds!  Power, agility, and speed are what this bike is all about.

  • MojoMotoSport – We put everything we possibly could on this bike, and all of our Mojo billet aluminum parts come with our signature LIFETIME WARRANTY! You get Mojo foot pegs, levers, bling kit, rear disc guard, and more… all the goodies!

  • BulletProof Designs - Protection for the 450 is provided in part by BulletProof Designs.  They have generously provided Radiator, Fork Lug, Linkage, and Swingarm guards that are already installed on the bike.
  • E-Line Accessories - More protection is provided by E-Line with a skid plate, header heat shield, carbon fork guards, and a carbon registration wrap.
  • G2 Ergonomics - Hand protection is provided by a set of Primus Handguards from G2!
  • Carbon Up- The engine clutch cover is protected by a carbon fiber cover plate.
  • IRC Tire - Tire upgrades were provided by IRC with their IX-07s on the front, and an IX-09w on the rear with heavy duty tubes for both.
  • DDC - Delaney Drive Components provided the 450 with their awesome chain and sprocket kit that’s nearly indestructible.
  • TM Designworks Keep your chain in good shape with the TM Slide N Guide kit!
  • Works Connection Get the holeshot every time with a Pro Launch device.
  • Ride Engineering Improved rear shock performance with a Performance Link.
  • Motool A digital slacker scale to help you set the sag on your new ride.
  • XC Gear Eliminate fatigue, arm pump, and vibration with the Mako 360 handlebar mount.
  • NoToil Let the engine breathe with a NoToil extreme air filter, plus a wash kit for cleaning your new dirt bike.
  • Zero Resistance Throttle Smooth, effortless throttle is provided by a ZRT throttle tube.
  • CoreMoto Upgraded brake and hydraulic clutch lines that perform and look great.
  • SpecBolt Nickel Wurks bolt kit installed on the bike, and a 250-piece bolt kit for your shop.
  • Guts Racing Complete Guts Racing Ribbed seat for comfort and grip.
  • Acerbis – Complete aftermarket plastics kit.
  • CorMoto Mojo Race Team Replica Graphics Kit.

As you can see, the Mojo 450 XC-F is fully equipped and ready to race!  The total value of our grand prize package is over £12,606.99, but you can’t win if you don’t enter. Go to MojoMotoSport.com and register to win this awesome prize today!

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  • John P Hughes on

    That looks like 455cc of pure joy sitting there, just imagine riding it!!!!!!!!

  • David Reeder on

    Love KIM’S, need this one.

  • Aaron on

    Im disabled n this would be my dream bike. I can only ride trails with the metal in my spine i actually died 2 times during my surgery and had to learn how to walk again dirtbikes was my motivation and still is…i wish i could afford something like this but being disabled i am not able to work because i am to much of a liability n social security disability isn’t enough to support myself, i thank God for my family for helping me out with a place to live so i can afford to ride for a couple days a month gas is so expensive n it’s 2 n1/2 hr drive to ride from where i live in Minnesota idk how but someday i wanna move up north MN or Colorado where there are trails right next to your home. So i definitely need some luck in this drawing and you guys have awesome quality parts so that bike is built to last im 47 n im sure it would last as long as i do lol

  • Greg Fawcett on

    Hopefully I win!

  • Rusty Thomas on

    I was wondering if it can be made street legal.

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