Own The Night With The ADAPT-XE Moto Light Kit From Rigid Industries!


Own The Night With The ADAPT-XE Moto Light Kit From Rigid Industries!


Own The Night With The ADAPT-XE Moto Light Kit From Rigid Industries!


        Hey everyone! We're back with yet another blog post highlighting an exciting new product. This time I am introducing Rigid Industries' ADAPT-XE Moto LED Light Kit, featuring cutting-edge technology with an innovative and modern-looking design.


        Rigid Industries' Moto Headlight has a  signature look that is unlike any other off-road motorcycle LED light on the market. But the coolest part of this kit is what's on the inside with two layers of adaptive response to your bike and riding conditions! 

        The 1st layer of adaptive response is RIGIDs Active Power Management (APM) system which continuously monitors input voltage to determine the status of the vehicles electrical system. If the voltage is stable, the ADAPT-XE will continue to utilize all available power to give you the most output possible. If the available voltage to the light begins to drop due to insufficient power, RIGIDs APM system will gradually reduce the lights power consumption until the bikes voltage stabilizes.

        The 2nd layer of adaptive response featured in the ADAPT-XE is Rigid's proven Active View Technology, which uses an internal GPS module to determine the bikes speed to allow the Adapt to properly distribute all available power among three unique optic zones. Utilizing the three optic zones allows the Active View Technology to create the ideal beam pattern to suit the riders needs. As the vehicles speed changes, power is dynamically routed through various optic zones utilizing scene optics for low speed, driving optics for moderate speed and spot optics for high-speed driving. Power is transferred gradually between optic zones allowing for a seamless transition between beam patterns, so that it can provide brighter and more natural looking light to reduce eye fatigue. 

        As an extra feature, the ADAPT-XE features a Magnetic Reed power clip for additional customization. Leaving the switch in place limits the light to consuming a maximum of 2.7 amps. When the switch is removed the light will consume up to 5.6 amps when all zones are activated.

        Now I know what you're thinking: "Is this going to even fit my bike?" The answer is going to be YES!... (For the most part) The ADAPT-XE fits most modern bikes, but I would suggest you simply reach out to us so our Customer Service Team can make sure you're all set to get this bad boy on your bike. Feel free to also check out the Fitment Check Sheet as well! Whether running a factory stator with voltage regulator or have additional power available, the ADAPT-XE will give you the light you need, when you need it, where you need it. I don't even do any night riding, but I've gotta say this is a badass set up that makes me want to!

By Owen Gorsuch
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