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MojoMotoSport Race Team Report, District 36 - Round 13

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By: Derek Blais | October 24th, 2019

MojoMotoSport Race Team Report – Round 13


Donner Hare Scrambles presented by MojoMotoSport.com and Garrahan Off-road Training

Round 13 AMA District 36 Championship Cross Country Series

October 19-20, 2019


Round 13 of the District 36 Cross Country Series took place at Donner Ski Ranch in Norden, California.  Brian Garrahan of Garrahan Off-Road Training puts together a notoriously tough race that tests both man and machine at elevation and in dusty, rocky conditions.  Although this race is relatively new to the Cross Country series, it already has a reputation as a great event, with live music, scenic camping, and the atmosphere of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  In addition to the Hare Scramble, Elevated Action Sports put on the Mojo Motoclimb Challenge, bringing Motoclimb back to Donner after a long absence.  Thanks to Matt Musgrove for spearheading this event, with fantastic turn out and over 60 entrants.  Back to the racing, the MojoMotoSport race team took to the track and gave it their all:


Anson Maloney - Pro AA #1 (11th Place AA/ 41st Overall)

Anson decided to race at Donner rather than just change tires, and figured it would be a good warm-up for his upcoming trip to Portugal.  A solid finish injury free was a win for him: “I lined up for my last race with the #1 plate! Came in with no expectations but to have fun and not get hurt before ISDE. I got the worst start possible with the bike not firing off the line, worked my way in to a top 10 position before deciding there was too much on the table to risk getting hurt and back it down to a very comfortable pace, rode the hole race helping other riders and sending out encouragement as I rode by! ISDE here we come!”


Brandon Magann – Pro AA #109e (7th Place AA/ 9th Overall)

Brandon continues to race with speed and consistency, delivering a top ten finish in the pro class and the Overall: “Holeshot, got passed by Taylor Robert immediately, chased him up the fire road and into the trees (immediately wished I got to EBike the course like the other 5 guys behind me that knew where every rock and corner was) because they were on my ass even in the blinding dust. Got passed by the top 6 by the end of the 2nd lap after I had to pop my chain back into place, and then just rode my own race, riding consistent and without any mistakes to finish 7th AA.”


Lochlan Campbell – Pro AA #407 (Did Not Race – Worked Event)

Lochlan elected to work this event in order for his body to heal up a bit after several nasty crashes during the last few rounds.  He received 4th place points towards the Cross Country championship for his labors over the weekend.

Lochlan was also the hare for the Youth AA race. In true Mojo style, he showed up to the line with a tricked out KTM 85SX & an awesome costume!


Brett Sage – A Open #120b (1st Place A Open/ 16th Overall)

Chalk up another win for Brett this week!  He’s been racing great and is making a hard charge at the end of the season to try to win the A Open class.  Here’s Brett: “Words can’t explain the ups and downs of Donner this year! I had a crazy week leading up to the race.  My Tc300 needed a rebuild and my 450 was already in the shop getting worked on! So, I slapped a piston in the ol’ 300 and sent her through a few heat cycles. Going to the line with .4 hours on a new top end to the dustiest race of the year was very nerve racking. I got a horrible start, so I decided to let my entire row go and cruised the first lap to properly break the bike in as well as I could without letting the pack get too far out front. Lap 2, I really put the hammer down I caught my entire row plus most of row 2, which was A250. I battled with many people and ate pounds of dust. Going out for lap 4 expecting to do 5 laps total, I did a filter change and a fuel stop. I went out last lap guns blazing to make sure I didn’t get passed in the pits! I had a great race, which led me to 1st A open and 16th overall from row 3 with at least 20 pros and 15 more A250 guys ahead of my row. I went into the race with 1 goal and I succeeded. I was 16 points down from first, and now I’m only 2 points out so I am really excited for the next few Rounds!”

The next race up in the Cross Country Series is the 47th Annual Lilliputian Hare Scrambles, November 2nd and 3rd at Prairie City SVRA in Rancho Cordova, California. 

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors!

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