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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Portugal | Day 3

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By: Derek Blais | November 13th, 2019

MojoMotoSport Club Team Report
– ISDE Edition 5 – Day 3

Chaos and confusion were the theme on Day 3 of the 2019 ISDE. Racing started on time, but fog interfered with the first test. Officials had a large group of the racers bypass Test 1, but then had the remaining racers ride the test as the fog lifted. After that, a technical rocky and slick hillclimb brought the race to a halt. Riders unable to make it up the hill caused a huge bottleneck, which prevented many racers from completing their first lap, and the leaders from completing a second one.

Officials then directed riders to the paddock for their daily pit, leaving everyone wondering how on earth the scoring would be done. The FIM stepped up and scored the event as fairly as they could, and here are the results after a crazy third day:

Men’s World Trophy Team
Great day for the Men’s team as they made up a 30 second deficit and stretched out a 1:12.41 lead over the Australians for first place! Italy is in third place 7:00.40 behind the U.S. team. Here’s how the U.S. men rank in the overall after three days individually:

Ryan Sipes – E1 2nd place (+1) overall 3:27.85 seconds behind leader Josep Garcia
Taylor Robert – E2 1st place overall
Kailub Russell – E2 2nd place overall 37.23 seconds behind Robert
Steward Baylor – E3 4th place (-1) overall 6:40.68 behind leader

Women’s World Trophy
The American Women’s World Trophy Team rode hard and retained their lead over the Australian women, who trail by 1:07.21. Great Britain is in third place after today, behind the lead by 10:34.02. Here’s how the U.S. women are doing in the individual overall rankings:

Brandy Richards - EW 1st place overall
Rebecca Sheets – EW 7th place (-1) overall 7:35.54 behind leader
Tarah Gieger - EW 9th place (+1) overall 9:49.56 behind leader

Junior World Trophy
The Junior World Trophy team finished second for the day, keeping their second place position in the overall behind the Australians and ahead of the Italians. They currently trail the Australian team by 4:20.92. Here are their individual overall rankings after day three:

Joshua Toth – E1 14th place (+1) overall 8:34.55 behind leader
Ben Kelley – E2 5th place overall 3:38.94 seconds behind leader
Grant Baylor – E2 7th place overall 4:03.33 behind leader

U.S.A. Club Teams
Here’s how the U.S.A. Club Teams are performing after the first three days of the 2019 ISDE:

XC Gear Club Team – 1st place overall
Gas Gas USA Club Team – 9th place overall 22:26.48 behind leader
MojoMotoSport Club Team – 13th place (-1) overall 25:47.18 back of leading team
Eric Cleveland Memorial Club Team – 16th place overall 30:04.41 behind leader
Elizabeth Scott Community Club Team – 31st place (+2) overall 58:55.15 behind leader
Missouri Mudders Club Team – 75th place (-55) overall 3:03:33.70 behind leader
AMA District 37 Club Team – 113th place (-27) overall 7:28:45.19 back of leader

Here’s how the MojoMotoSport Club Team members are performing individually in the overall:

Anson “Mojo” Maloney – C2 21st place (+2) overall 10:46.86 behind leader
Joshua Knight – C2 16th place (-1) overall 9:05.39 behind leader
Tanner Whipple - C3 11th place overall 7:10.14 behind leader

After today’s fiasco, it’s still unclear whether the FIM will have tomorrow’s race on a modified version of today’s circuit, bypassing the area where the bottleneck happened, or if the racers will return to the course used on days 1 and 2 again. Whatever they decide, let’s root for the Americans to keep riding fast and injury-free!


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