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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Portugal | Day 2

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By: Derek Blais | November 12th, 2019

MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Edition 4

Day Two of the 2019 ISDE is complete, and the United States is in position to make a serious run for the win. Here’s a brief summary of results after two days of intense racing:

Men’s World Trophy Team
The U.S. Men’s World Trophy Team remains in second place behind Australia, who leads by 30.9 seconds over the Americans, and 3:06.82 over the third place Italian team. Here’s how the U.S. team ranks in the overall after two days individually:

Ryan Sipes – E1 3rd place (-1) overall 2:29.65 seconds behind leader Josep Garcia
Taylor Robert – E2 1st place overall
Kailub Russell – E2 2nd place overall 21.33 seconds behind Robert
Steward Baylor – E3 3rd place overall 4:29.63 behind leader

Women’s World Trophy
The American Women’s World Trophy Team won the day and seized the lead in the overall over Germany and Australia. Their lead is 1:08.65 going into day three. Here’s how the women are doing in the individual overall rankings:

Brandy Richards - EW 1st place overall
Rebecca Sheets – EW 6th place (+2) overall 5:18.55 behind Richards
Tarah Gieger - EW 10th place (+2) overall 6:34.18 behind leader

Junior World Trophy
The Junior World Trophy team finished second for the day, good enough to keep their second place position in the overall behind the Australians and ahead of the Italians. They currently trail the Australian team by 3:26.90. Here are their individual overall rankings after day two:

Joshua Toth – E1 15th overall 6:09.49 behind leader
Ben Kelley – E2 5th place overall 2:00.73 seconds behind leader
Grant Baylor – E2 7th place overall 2:26.99 behind leader

U.S.A. Club Teams
Here’s how the U.S.A. Club Teams are performing after the first two days of enduro:

XC Gear Club Team – 1st place overall
Gas Gas USA Club Team – 9th place (+2) overall 18:48.25 behind leader
MojoMotoSport Club Team – 12th place (+2) overall 21:43.34 back of leading team
Eric Cleveland Memorial Club Team – 16th place overall 24:50.73 behind leader
Missouri Mudders Club Team – 20th place (+3) overall 27:50.26 behind leader
Elizabeth Scott Community Club Team – 33rd place (+5) overall 46:47.97 behind leader
AMA District 37 Club Team – 86th place (-83) overall 2:21:19.72 back of leader

Here’s how the MojoMotoSport Club Team members are performing individually in the overall:

Anson “Mojo” Maloney – C2 23rd place (-4) overall 9:07.80 behind leader
Joshua Knight – C2 15th place (+1) overall 7:03.92 behind leader
Tanner Whipple - C3 11th place (+2) overall 6:30.17 behind leader

So far, so good for the Americans at the 2019 ISDE, but there are still four more days of racing including the brutal motocross test on the last day to go. Some issues dropped the AMA District 37 Club Team 83 positions, but all of the other teams either stayed in the same or better positions overall. Day 3 will bring a new course and new test sections for the riders. 


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