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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Portugal | Day 1

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By: Derek Blais | November 11th, 2019


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Edition 3

Day one of the ISDE has been completed, and Team U.S.A. is performing very well so far. Here’s a quick rundown of the results for the first day:

Men’s World Trophy Team
The U.S. Men’s World Trophy Team is sitting solidly in second place behind Australia only 19.53 seconds. Here’s how the team placed in the first day individually:

Ryan Sipes – E1 2nd place overall 38.17 seconds behind leader Josep Garcia
Taylor Robert – E2 1st place overall
Kailub Russell – E2 2nd place overall 6.15 seconds behind Robert
Steward Baylor – E3 3rd place overall 1:59.42 behind leader

Women’s World Trophy
The American Women’s World Trophy Team ended the first day of racing in second place as well, trailing the German team by only 5.45 seconds. Here’s how the women are doing in the individual rankings:

Brandy Richards - EW 1st place overall
Rebecca Sheets – EW 8th place overall 2:47 behind the leader
Tarah Gieger - EW 12th place overall 3:41.03 behind leader

Junior World Trophy
The Junior World Trophy team also performed extremely well, and finished the day in second place behind the Australian team by 1:14.10. Here are their individual rankings:

Joshua Toth – E1 15th overall 2:14.75 behind leader
Ben Kelley – E2 5th place overall 34.12 seconds behind leader
Grant Baylor – E2 7th place overall 1:04.56 behind leader

U.S.A. Club Teams
Here’s how the top U.S.A. Club Teams are performing so far:

XC Gear Club Team – 1st place overall
AMA District 37 Club Team – 3rd place overall 3:42.48 back of leader
Gas Gas USA Club Team – 11th place overall 7:28.57 behind leader
MojoMotoSport Club Team – 14th place overall 8:55.99 back of leading team
Here’s how the MojoMotoSport team members are performing individually:

Anson “Mojo” Maloney – C2 19th place overall 3:56.05 behind leader
Joshua Knight – C2 16th place overall 3:25.86 behind leader
Tanner Whipple - C3 13th place overall 3:12.70 behind leader

Our American ISDE Racers are riding extremely fast, and by all accounts everyone pitted very well. Great results so far, with five more tough days to go. Day two will be a repeat of day one on the same course with the same tests, but with deeper ruts and looser dirt making it a bit more hazardous. Follow the American riders as they get their Mojo on for Day 2!


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