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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Edition 1

Derek Blais ISDE MojoClubTeam Portugal Racing

 By: Derek Blais | September 10th, 2019


The International Six Days of Enduro, or ISDE, is a competition that is renowned among dirt bike racers the world over.  This year is the 94th running of the event, which takes place near Portimao, Algarve, Portugal November 11th through the 16th.

More than 30 different nations field riders and teams to compete in the ISDE, which is off-road motorcycling’s version of the Olympics.  This year, more than 650 racers will compete on three race courses over six days, covering 1500 kilometers and conquering 10 different special tests including the final moto-style speed race. 

As if the racing isn’t demanding enough, participants must perform all mechanical repairs and maintenance on their motorcycles at the end of each day in an allotted amount of time.  This includes tire changes, air filter maintenance, oil changes, fueling, and repairs of any broken or damaged items on their bike.  This unique aspect of the ISDE adds to the stress on the racers, and makes them demonstrate their complete mastery of the sport.

In order to compete in this prestigious event, amateur riders must prove themselves worthy of representing their country by competing in qualifying events.  Here in the U.S., racers must compete in sanctioned ISDE qualifier races and finish with results good enough to show that they are among the best riders in the country. 

There are two series that racers can compete in to qualify for the ISDE: The East region and the West region.  Both regions hold three two-day enduro races and tally up rider points at the conclusion of the series.  The top nine riders from each region plus the three best over 40 year old riders make up 21 total racers.  These racers are then divided into seven 3-man teams that the American Motorcyclist Association forms in terms of skills and ability to maximize the chance to win.

In addition to the seven Club Teams, the AMA names four Professional male racers to compete as the World Trophy Team, along with three top female and three junior racers forming two more Trophy Teams.  That puts the total number of racers from the U.S.A. heading to Portugal to race this year at only 31.  Qualifying to compete in the ISDE is definitely an honor.

This year, MojoMotoSport is proud to be one of only seven ISDE Club Team Sponsors supporting America’s ISDE efforts.  The MojoMotoSport Team consists of:


1) Joshua Knight, North Ogden, Utah - KTM

2) P. Trent Whisenant, Hoover, Alabama - GasGas

3) Anson “Mojo” Maloney, Grass Valley, California – KTM


All three of these riders are extremely skilled and accomplished racers in each of their regions of the country, making the MojoMotoSport Club Team a definite front runner for the gold! 


In the next MojoMotoSport Race Team Report ISDE Edition, we’ll take a look at our very own Anson Maloney’s journey to reach the ISDE in Portugal this year.  GO TEAM U.S.A.!!

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