ISDE France 2022 | Day 1 Highlights & Results


ISDE France 2022 | Day 1 Highlights & Results


ISDE France 2022 | Day 1 Highlights & Results

Day 1 Loop, Haute-Loire / Haut-Allier / Gévaudan

        Hey there everyone! Thank you for checking in with us as we highlight each days of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro, held in Ley Puy En Velay of southeastern France! 

USA World Trophy Team

        After an exciting start off the paddock, the US Men's Trophy Team consisting of our countries fastest off-road riders is sitting in 4th Place behind  last year's champion Italy, the UK, and the current leader Spain. Team Spain is showing up with strong speed lead by Josep Garcia who recorded the fastest test time more than 5 seconds faster than the rest of the field. But with the first day jitters and excitement leading up to Day 1 out of the way, expect to see the US riders come out swinging tomorrow morning and make a charge for a podium spot!

USA Junior World Trophy Team

        An unfortunate start for the Junior Trophy Team. After the first test the US was sitting in an awesome 1st place spot, however it seems that there was a mechanical mishap for Honda rider Cody Barnes in between test 1 & 2, putting the United States into last place for the day. It will be tough for our junior team to come back from this as the overall times put the US roughly 2 hours behind 13th place Germany who has the slowest recorded time with a full time of riders who finished. 

USA Womens World Trophy Team

        Once again the USA is putting on a great show in the women's category! Brandy Richards leads a tremendous charge to put the United States at a great lead ahead of the UK and France heading into Day 2. First-time ISDE rider Korie Steed also contributed tremendously with 2nd overall on the day behind Richards.


Anson Maloney (GTBN Team)

        Anson rode a solid consistent day. 22nd overall Club, 7th in C2 & 5th fastest US Club rider.

        The test times were not where he wanted to be, but day 1 is always that way unless you start up front. With the dust & passing the same slower riders each test after check minute resets, it's a challenge to put your absolute best times down. As he moves up in the starting order tomorrow we anticipate excellent results as he lays down that "Mojo" Maloney speed with clean air. He's excited for tomorrow & continued improvements throughout the week.

Anthony Ferrante (Mojo Club Team)

        Anthony had a stellar day as the top Mojo Team rider. 18th Overall Club, 2nd in C1 & 3rd fastest US Club rider.

        Anthony was fortunate to start closer to the front on day 1. He didn't take that for granted though as he laid down solid test times in every special test. Even with (1) dirt sample in test 5, Anthony's times are good enough for him to remain at the front of the starting club lineup for Day 2. He feels he has a little more left in the tank & with day 2 being the exact same course he believes he can capitalize on certain areas to make up more time on riders ahead of him.

Shane Siebenthall (Mojo Team)

        78th Overall Club, 38th in C1 & 10th fastest US Club rider.

        Shane felt good about today but is eager to improve his results. As a first year ISDE racer he is finding his Mojo on the long 180mi day 1. Starting further back, he had plenty of dust & slower riders to contend with, but is excited to hit the same course again tomorrow & improve his results.

Josh Chassaing (Mojo Team)

        139th Overall, Unofficial

        Less than 2 weeks ago Josh was called up to fill in for an injured US rider. Josh answered the call by stepping up to fill the open spot created by the re-shuffling of the Mojo Club Team. With little time to prep & starting waaay in the back, Josh persevered through the day. Unfortunately a critical error was made when getting lost for a short time on the route. Josh's results are unofficial today as we await to hear the decision on his times & starting order tomorrow. Check back for ISDE Day 2 update for more information.

        Well, Day 1 is done and dusted! Check in again tomorrow to get the scoop on Day 2 results!

By Owen Gorsuch
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    Thanks for the great update tell the boys we are rooting for them prayer to Josh for good lines and good times just have fun fun fun.

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