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Brett Sage Wins Western Hare Scramble A-Open Championship!

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 By: Nathan Burt | September 12th, 2019


We are proud to announce that our very own Mojo Race Team rider, Brett Sage, has secured the Western Hare Scramble (WHS) A-Open championship with 1-round to go! Following Brett's return from last year's injury has been exciting with podiums at every round. But the elusive W was becoming a pain point, especially for Brett.... Finally at the 7th WHS round in Oklahoma at the East Meets West Showdown, he was able to put together a solid ride & put his MojoMotoSport KTM on the top step of the podium! We caught up with Brett at the end of the long race weekend to get his thoughts on the race & discuss the this season's success.

Q: Congratulations on your latest win in Oklahoma & securing the A-Open Championship! Tell us a little bit about your trip & the long trek to Oklahoma? 

A: I finally put it all together last week in Oklahoma! So stoked to get a win and a 10th overall. Was more pumped to be able to say I beat second place by 29 minutes and 14 seconds! The Humidity was horrible the entire trip. it rained 4” on Friday which made for epic dirt! I am so thankful I was able to drive 4,000 miles 72 hours 360 gallons of diesel and all within a few days! On my trip I got to see the Choctaw Nation Museum and donate my great grandpas pistol 🔫 that he carried as sheriff! I also got to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time! And spend it all with my dad was fun also but reality hit us both on the way home it was coming to an end.


Q: Compared to previous years, how did you like the course?

A: I have never raced at this location for this series before. But, I have traveled many other places. This event was an outstanding course with great people and epic conditions! But horrible humidity...


Q: Where did you struggle this race & why?

A: I struggled a lot with humidity at this event. Having asthma makes things worse like with dust and dry conditions but this was wet thick musty type air which was hard to breathe. I had the option of riding my 300sx 2 stroke or my 450sxf 4 stroke and I chose the 4 stroke when I got there, just due to it’s easier to ride and takes less energy in the end due to the horrible humidity.


Q: What were your keys to success this year?

A: I had a few key points this year that stood out more than most. I found out I really had to start listening to my body and with not eating right when my wrist broke last year has left many horrible habits that are not all gone yet. So listen to my body of what I need to eat before races vs what people say I should eat! I also had to realize I was slower at the beginning of the series due to my lack of time on the bike last year. I had to ride more often work harder hours at work and still try to exercise when I could, but that wasn’t very often.


Q: Who would you like to thank for your 2019 success? 

A: I have so many people to thank this year first is Nathan with MojoMotoSport because he believed in me from the beginning he knew I could do it. Also give a big shout out to my dad for being more flexible with work and helping me get to each event. I would like to thank Heather Mowell my loving girlfriend because she helps me during the week and pushes me to do better, get more work done, get to bed earlier and still feel like I am productive within each day. There are many more people and each company/person has helped me to get to where I am today and I am at a loss of words on what to say! Now the list of sponsors is not in order by favorite or who helped out the most because each person has had a part of faith that they put their Brand on me to bring it to the top!

Mojo Race Team
Nor-Cal Motorsports
Irc Tires
Bulletproof Designs
Tm Designworks
Eline Accessories
Works Connection
G2 Ergonomics
DDC Racing
XC Gear
Cor Moto Graphics
Fly Racing
Bell Powersports
No Toil
Oakley Motorsports
Shane Maes
Guts Racing Inc
Motion Pro
IMS Products
Ryno Power
Auburn Ale House
Law Tigers
Hightower Real Estate
RR Horn Construction
Lunova HR
MKS Masonry
Accents by Sage Floral Designs

Once again, congratulations to Brett Sage and his accomplishment. We look forward to what 2020 has in store, but for now, it's time to get the D36 Fall Season kicked off at Hollister Hills SVRA this weekend! Hope to see you all at the races! #GetYourMojoOn

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