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Brian Stewart was kind enough to share some photos of his bike with the Bling Kit he won in our Giveaway.

Here is a little about Brian that he wrote to us:

Hello Mojo I got my bling kit and it looks awesome just letting you know a bit about me. I raced when I was a kid but bikes got stolen back in 2000 got back into riding in 2012. Started racing enduros last year got 2nd in my class and this year I'm racing hair scrambles. I like to trail ride with my wife. Not a lot of places to ride where I'm from so we go to mill creek Arkansas and Chadwick Missouri a few times a year other than that I cut trail on my grandparents 40 acres where I practice.

Thanks Brian and it's great to get to know you! Those guys better watch out at the races because now they know that you are a serious competitor and you are showing up with YOUR MOJO ON!

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